An Awesome Sunday Enjoy Family Time *-*Time left View Just 75 and get Great Rewards at the Texas Ranch

Today is Sunday for most of us. Therefore we
are not having a surf promo today. Spend some
time with family and friends. If you want to
surf today, you can win some great prizes just
by claiming the surf promo code and surfer

Surf Promo Winners

Many thanks to Dale Thomson for keeping surf promos
updated while I have a “broken wing”.

January Special Prize:
A special prize has been added to all joint surf
promos this month. One lucky qualifier will win
a 2-Day Login Spotlight! Good luck on winning
this valuable prize.

Also this month, the Login Spotlight which is
regularly priced at $3.00 per day is on sale for
just $2.00!

The Login Spotlight is a great piece
of online real estate since all members will see
it when they login. Nice way to learn what other
members think about your web page, too!

Surf promo winners have been updated through
January 13th. Check the “Surf Promo Win” page in
your member’s area to see what you have won. All
prizes have been awarded.

You have 1 week to submit a support ticket for any
login spotlight, start page or reserved page you have

Also, all zubee awards have been made. We reward
all surf promo winners with 2,000 zubees if they
are a member of Zubeezone and have their zubee
username in their traffic exchange Profile.

Also, members of our Skype support room receive
a 1,500 zubee bonus just for being a member there if
they claimed Surfer Rewards and have their ZubeeZone
username on their Profile page.

Join our 21st Century Marketing Group Skype Room
Or you can join our Skype room from any of our traffic
exchange member’s home page. Then you, too, will be
amongst the first to know about any special awards and
other information. Just click on the Skype icon!

Thank you for participating in our surf promos.

If you have not been involved with our surf promos,
now would be a good time to get involved and win your
share of prizes!

Today’s surf code is 011517tst75
Enter the surf code and surf 75 pages to receive
the prizes indicated when you enter the surf promo
code. Prizes are automatically added to your account.

Look for the emerald game AND claim your
zubees while surfing Texas Size Traffic
today, too!
Not a Zubeezone member?
Join from your Downline Builder.

Thank you for surfing
Texas Size Traffic
, 21stCenturySurf, Clickaholics, Quarterly Surf
and 10khits4unow Traffic Exchanges to insure continuous traffic to your offers.

Attention TE Owners:
Tired of Downtime, Poor Support and Slow Response Time?
No Support? Go with a proven business host! We custom
make packages, too! Our recommendation: Reseller package;
it allows you to add multiple cpanels to your account.
Priced less than hosting for a single LFMTE site elsewhere.
Welcome To Your New Hosting Residence

Skype Contact Info:
Wayne Owens: wayne.owens1
George Culp: goferbiz

Have a wonderful day!

George Culp
Your Service
Needs Provider

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