Midas Touch Golden Crown Survival Bash

Surf Promo Winners
Just wanted to let you know the surf promo winners
have been updated in all the TEs. The last surf promos
updated occurred on October 4th.

You can view the names and prizes won by clicking
on “Surf Promo Win” in your member’s area menu. All
prizes including zubees have been awarded.

Many thanks to all those who participated in our
surf promos.

Midas Touch Golden Crown Survival Bash
This is a Magical Journey DLB promo that starts
October 6th and runs through October 10th.

Magical Journey DLB is a downline builder and a
contest promotion site. You can count on Lori at
Magical Journey to have at least one promotion
per week involving traffic exchanges.

The prize pages are mixed into the rotation
and all you have to do is claim them. That
qualifies you for a random draw of cash prizes
and it’s Free to join Magical Journey DLB.
Not a Magical Journey DLB member?
Join from your Downline Builder.

You must surf all the sites each day & submit
a claim form you will find after you surf xxx
pages in each traffic exchange.
For details, prize list & sites to surf:

These type events put monies directly into your
PayPal or Magical Journey DLB account.
Not a Magical Journey DLB member?
Join from your Downline Builder.

Today’s surf code is 100616tst75
Enter the surf code and surf 75 pages to receive
the prizes indicated when you enter the surf promo

We are not having a scheduled surf promo today.
However, you can still win 2 prizes by surfing just
75 pages! Also make sure your sites, banners, text
ads & square banners have credits/impressions assigned
to each of them. Otherwise your ads will NOT be shown
to other members.

Look for the emerald game AND claim your
zubees while surfing Texas Size Traffic today, too!
Not a zubeezone member? Join from your Downline

Thank you for surfing Texas Size Traffic,
21stCenturySurf, Clickaholics, Quarterly Surf and
10khits4unow Traffic Exchanges to insure continuous
traffic to your offers.

Attention TE Owners: Tired of Downtime, Poor
Support and Slow Response Time? No Support? Go
with a proven business host!

Skype Contact Info:
Wayne Owens: wayne.owens1
George Culp: goferbiz

Have a wonderful day!

George Culp
Your Service Needs Provider

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