What is a downline?
In many programs you join on the Net you are asked to create downlines for that program. These downlines belong to that program!

What do I do with it?
You can send mail to many of these downlines and ask them to join your list while telling them something about the program of which you are a member.

My List?
This is created through an autoresponder best served by one that is supplied through your hosting. Those people have chosen to belong on your list. They signed up because you offered something in which they are interested.

You will probably want to reward your list to keep them listening…and Always give them a passive offer at the end of your mail so they will always expect it. You are on the Net to make Money – right? Why not reward these people with free
downloads from a site like (See a great review showing the benefits of this site)

Well…what’s the Difference: downline/list?
Well….Duh! The difference is you can send almost any offer/information to your lists whereas many program downline builders are very restrictive as to what you are able to send.

What do I do with this list?
Build it!
Bring people in continually giving them rewards to keep them interested in what you have to say. It takes work to maintain your list. Are you up to the challenge? Texas Size Traffic is a great place to start building.

Its Your List
So what are you going to do today? Become active or just go with the status quo limping thru life? Action = Results!

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